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 IOTAGS Access Card©

  • IOTAGS Access Card© is the NFC-based solution that replaces traditional plastic access cards
  • IOTAGS Access Card© provides an additional level of security through optional PIN code entry on NFC-enabled mobile phone
  • Sample Use Case: Put your NFC-enabled mobile phone next to the gate’s reader to open the gate
  • How does it work: phone is placed near reader; IOTAGS Access Card© application launches on the phone (optional step); User enters PIN code (optional step); IOTAGS Access Card© sends credentials and PIN code to the gate; gate grants or denies access; gate sends transaction log to database
  • Note: IOTAGS Access Card© uses the NFC Peer-to-Peer mode. It does not require any mobile or Wi-Fi Network connection.

IOTAGS Access Card IOTAGS Loyalty & Coupons©

  • IOTAGS Loyalty & Coupons© is our solution that covers a large spectrum of loyalty and couponing campaigns, ranging from simple non-invasive solutions based on NFC tags to complex solutions where NFC enabled Point-of-Sale terminals are available.
  • Sample Use Case
    • Upon entering the shopping center, customer taps the NFC-enabled mobile phone on a conveniently located kiosk and:
      • Receives shopping center loyalty points for returning to the center
      • Receives information linking customer’s coupons to stores within the center offering those goods and possibly additional discounts
      • Receives special offers customized to customer’s profile directly to the phone.
      • Upon entering the shopping center, customer taps the NFC-enabled mobile phone on a conveniently located kiosk
    • Customer chooses some products to buy in a store, and during the checkout process, taps the phone on the Point-of-Sale terminal to:
      • redeem coupons matching the items purchased
      • receive new special offers for future purchases customized the customer’s profile.
  • IOTAGS Loyalty & Coupons© is also a powerful solution to generate statistics about kiosk usage, product interest, consumer habits

IOTAGS Access Card IOTAGS Ticketing©

  • Subway, bus and train tickets that are virtually stored on phones are inherently more durable and less likely to be lost. In addition, virtual tickets are perceived to be more environmentally friendly than their paper/plastic counterparts.
  • IOTAGS Ticketing© is our NFC-based flexible solution for traveling/commuting and all forms of ticketing (movies, plays, sports,…)
  • IOTAGS Ticketing© also allows users to access services that traditionally require a kiosk or a sales booth, directly from the phone: maps, schedules, delays, card refill, new ticket purchase, show information…
  • Sample Use Case: Put the phone on the subway gate’s reader to access the station
  • How does it work: phone touches reader on subway gate equipped with NFC reader; IOTAGS Ticketing© sends credentials to the gate; gate grants or denies access; gate sends transaction log to database. User can also launch IOTAGS Ticketing© application for additional actions.
  • Note: IOTAGS Ticketing© is based on NFC Peer-to-Peer mode. It does not require any mobile or Wi-Fi Network connection.

IOTAGS Access Card IOTAGS Pay©

  • IOTAGS Pay© offers various payment solutions that cover different types of customer needs.
  • A basic usage of IOTAGS Pay© would be to integrated it with any e-commerce platform.
  • A more complex usage of IOTAGS Pay© would involve the integration of NFC-enabled Point-of-Sale terminals
  • IOTAGS Pay© also offers the possibility to develop a web-based platform to manage wallets for prepaid cards linked to NFC mobile wallets.
  • IOTAGS Pay© is primarily developed for micro/small payments and for prepaid cards.
  • IOTAGS Pay© can easily be integrated with IOTAGS Ticketing© and IOTAGS Loyalty & Coupons©

IOTAGS Access Card IOTAGS Marketing & Advertising©

  • Based on our Talk2Me© platform, IOTAGS Marketing & Advertising© is our solution that allows advertisers to deliver content to consumers once the consumer makes contact with an NFC tag such as a Smartposter
  • IOTAGS’s “association model” allows a content provider to easily and quickly modify services and contents associated to a tag without the need to change the code stored on the tag itself.
  • IOTAGS Marketing & Advertising© is a powerful solution for the following sectors: Retail, Food & Beverage, Arts, Travel & Tourism, Amusement Parks…
  • Sample Use Cases:
    • Retail: User sees a product on a shelf, taps the shelf and gets more information about the product
    • Food & Beverage: User orders food by tapping the phone on the table that has an order tag
    • Arts: User orders the t-shirt of the painting he is looking at in the museum by tapping on a tag next to the painting description
    • Travel: User receives the map of the city he / she is visiting by tapping on a tag on the street

IOTAGS Access Card IOTAGS Asset Management©

  • IOTAGS Asset Management© is an innovative, cheap and highly effective NFC-based solution for traditional asset management and field services.
  • IOTAGS Asset Management© combines the advantages of RFID and mobile technology to identify and get information about assets, to schedule maintenance, to buy parts, etc.
  • IOTAGS Asset Management© can either be integrated with existing asset management platforms or used as a standalone solution.
  • Sample Use Case: a field worker taps phone on asset; all relevant information about asset and maintenance status is displayed on worker’s phone; worker completes required tasks.
  • Benefits: the worker accurately identifies the asset. The NFC phone dates and timestamps the reading, eliminating the need for the worker to enter a start and stop time for the repair.
  • Organizations that repair and maintain assets can use IOTAGS Asset Management© to reduce the number of parts required on a service vehicle, eliminate manual data entry, improve productivity and customer service.

IOTAGS Health IOTAGS Health©

  • IOTAGS Health© is our NFC-based solution that allows health instruments to store and share data with your health provider
  • Sample use case: Use your NFC-enhanced blood-pressure monitor to check your systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Once the reading is completed, tap your phone on the monitor to transfer the information to your Cardiologist.
  • Benefits: No need for complex Bluetooth or Wifi setup to get the BP monitor to communicate with the doctor.