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  • IOTAGS NFC Future Today

    With IOTAGS, experience the future today

    The integration of NFC technology, mobile telecommunications, and location based services is a step forward into the future. By using our solutions on any NFC enabled smartphone, you will be able, among other things, to access your office, gym, or subway ; order and pay for goods and services; reduce the number of cards in your wallet.

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  • IOTAGS NFC Safe & Reliable

    Our solutions are safe and reliable

    Our solutions are based on NFC standards and do not require special hardware that stores confidential information on your phone. In the unlikely event that someone intercepts the NFC code between your phone and an NFC tag, the code is meaningless and can only be translated by our proprietary software.

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  • IOTAGS NFC Worldwide

    IOTAGS is available worldwide

    With a presence in Singapore, Korea, Italy, Germany, UK and US our global expert teams are conveniently positioned at your doorstep whenever you need them.

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Development of NFC solutions

We develop tailor-made and best-in-class solutions. We have the capability to plan, develop and execute turn-key projects. All our solutions are developed in-house and we ensure compliance with industry standards. We focus on User Experience by following a “user centered design approach.” Our agile software development method allows us to simulate the solution at any time during the development process. Our capabilities are comprehensive, covering : NFC hardware and material sciences, applications for all major operating systems and screens and system integration. Our global reach enables us to work with clients wherever they are.

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System integration of NFC Solutions

Our Software Factory allows us to develop NFC solutions that can be customized to meet all our customers’ needs as well as being seamlessly integrated in their existing platforms. The Factory is specialized in producing computer software applications and software components. It has a dedicated team of experienced professionals who thrive on creativity and problem solving. We combine our exceptional skills to deliver successful, versatile solutions to any business problem. The effectiveness of our Software Factory is based on a streamlined process and a high level of expertise. We can cover any end-to-end system integration project.

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is a new frontier in technology and innovation: integrating virtual information with real-life objects. IOTAGS is a global leader in this field, providing Near Field Communication (NFC) solutions to small, medium and large businesses across all industries.


To deliver on the promise of “Internet of Things”, by:

  • Bridging the gap between products, information, orders, and payments
  • Adding simplicity, interactivity and excitement to today's daily tasks


L’Oréal launches wearable sensor that uses NFC to alert iPhone users to the risk of sun damage to their skin

16 Nov 2018

Beauty giant L’Oréal has launched an NFC-enabled sun safety sensor that measures the wearers exposure to UV light and comes with a companion app that iPhone users can use to tap their sensor to get. […]

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